21/12/2010: Where in the World is Alex Lee?

So, some of you might have been wondering what's going on with the site with the outage and lack of updates.

Fear not.

Back in late June I quit my job as senior graphic designer at Madman Entertainment after 7.5 years and with my partner Bronwen and embarked upon a planned 5 month long discovery of Europe. We've now completed that leg of our adventure and are now trying to live in the UK with working visas.

During our time living in England, it might be a good opportunity to meet up with those unique and isolated individuals in the UK who chose the Apple II over the homegrown Commodore and Sinclair variants back in the 80s. Or even cross the channel and meet those talented French men who still even now find new things to do with the IIGS (hi Antoine!)

On our journey, they particularly loved the IIGS in Croatia. Oh yes, they have 'GS' on most of the number plates of the cars residing in Zadar and Plitvice. What more evidence do you need?


Croatian Number Plate 

Croatian Number Plate


And in Prague, they like their GS's RAW and they're not afraid to wear it as a literal badge of honour. I'm guessing 'RAW' in the sense of the 2.8Mhz, 512k of RAM and no hard drive variety.


IIGS Jacket?


But enough of my travels, which have sadly come to end...for the time being. Instead, let's pick up where we left off, by making 2010 the year of manuals! Gust L. Friedemann provided a few manuals as far back as May, so Gust, please accept my apologies for it taking this long for them to appear on the site after your scanning work!

So enjoy these manuals, which as usual, can be searched as all text has OCRed:

Auto Ark
Design Your Own Home Interiors
Second Chance

As one last thing I can impart to Apple II users at Christmas, check out my latest blog. Merry Christmas everybody, I hope you enjoy it. I know I am given its the first winter Christmas I've ever experienced!