19/05/2013: Wings & Kangaroo Manuals now available. Dungeon Master Demo Fixed!

Antoine's found some missing manuals and scanned them to include in the archive here. Wings, the alternative launcher application, can now be more fully appreciated through its rich feature set now that it's documented and Kangaroo, the system extension that greatly improves the open and save dialogues on the IIGS. Antoine had already provided all the French manuals, but now the previously elusive Seven Hills manual in English is archived. Still proving elusive however, is the newer English version 1.5 of Kangaroo however. If anyone can submit that, or v1.4 or higher for Transprog III or v1.1 or higher of the Manager, that would be great.

Rick Gast wrote in to let me know the 2image archive for the Dungeon Master Demo was corrupt and has been able to replace it with a fully working copy. Game demos can be interesting little beasts – sometimes revealing earlier features of a game that were changed for the final release. Rick may be able to provide more demos not currently archived either, so stay tuned.