31/08/2014: Word Attack Plus French Found! Complete GNO/ME Documentation! Pegasus Pascal Demo Found! More Carmen Sandiego Updates!

I'm pleased to announce that thanks to Petar Puskarich's archive and Antoine Vignau's deprotection skills, we now have the elusive Word Attack Plus! French program in our archive.

Antoine's also been able to provide documentation for GNO/ME - a lot of which was edited by Andrew Roughan.

Speaking of Andrew, he's found a demo for the even more elusive Pegasus Pascal, but we're still hunting around for the original two disk set of the full program, which even its author, Ken O. Burtch doesn't have or can't make disk images of. Be sure to check in your own archives to see if Pegasus Pascal shows up.

Andrew's also organising the next OzKFest, the Australian equivalent to KFest, to be tentatively scheduled for April 17-19 2015 in Melbourne. I'm hoping to go myself, but it's a bit too early for me to commit just yet. If you're in Australia and want to meet other Apple II users, this is a great time having flown up to Brisbane last year for OzKFest.

Back to Antoine - he's found some more Carmen Sandiego curios - a self running demo for the IIGS specific version of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego and a playable demo of the 8-bit Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego. I've also found crack screen free versions of the full Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego and Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego - love a clean crack! Each of these new additions are included in the .zip file archives, so download them again to get at these.