19/04/2017: Xenocide Archive Updated with Infinite Lives Patch and a Word on Cheats

Thanks to Pen Helm, we have a new patched version of Xenocide that gives you infinite lives – no excuses not to see the entire game now. Just download the .zip archive for the new disk image.

Dear readers, did you also know that If you boot up with the GameHacker classic desk accessory (CDA) installed, which my 32meg image of a preinstalled System 6.0.1 Hard Drive Image, you can run Xenocide and then access the classic control panel with apple, command and escape, select the GameHacker CDA and it will ask if you want to patch the current game in two ways: 1) Infinite Lives and 2) Infinite ammunition.

There's a tonne of other games supported by GameHacker, so be sure to use the same trick on any game that allows you to access the classic control panel. However, some games don't allow access to the text based control panel, like Great Western Shootout, Gauntlet and Paperboy. Zany Golf is also one of those titles, but a patched version was included in the archive a couple of years ago. If anyone's interested in writing infinite lives (and ammunition, where applicable) patches to IIGS games, maybe focus on those listed games as GameHacker can take care of the rest.

But I strongly recommend playing games without cheats - the reward is more satisfying.

But here are all the games GameHacker supports (from its included documentation):

Almost infinite (65516) number of blocks that can hit you

Arkanoid 1 & 2 (3 variants of Ark II)
Infinite lives

Infinite lives

Infinite Lives, Infinite Ammo, All weapon types have super-powerful ammo. (Kill with 1 shot!)

Columns GS
No trouble pieces, and the screen stays on when you press escape.

Copy Killers:
Infinite Money, Virus Protection.

Crystal Quest
Infinite lives

Defender of the Crown
Always win jousts and castle raids; buying army, knights, and catapults make your treasury to 25; this
discourages others from stealing your gold and using it against you.

Invincible men that can walk through elavators.

Infinite shields, fuel. Thanks to 'RKE' (Richard K Eddington) for finding the fuel and all.

The Last Ninja

Infinite lives, bombs, stars, and hit points.

Mine Hunt (NDA version only)
Lets you tread on the mines without dying.

Infinite Ammo, Shield Maxxed out after each level.

Infinite Lives.

Pick'n Pile
Infinite time

Infinite lives. Some people have had problems getting to the CDA menu from with plotting; the best time to
try is when the startup screen is visible.

QBurt GS
Not technically patched from within this game, but if you press the "=" key on the numeric keypad, your lives will increase.

Infinite lives, but you still have to maneuver.

This patch allows you to hold down keys when moving pieces for greater speed. (The first constructive patch!)

Infinite Strength and Hit Points. Infinite items, but you can drop them.

Senseless Violence I:
Infinite babies.

ShufflePuck GS:
Your opponent's score will never go above 1. Note: apparently this game was never released, and is only available from your local pirate. I was lent this game to add support for it from an anonymous contact, and have since deleted it. This patch is included for completion only.

Infinite Shield. (Screen will show almost full shield points, but the shield is full in memory)

Space Ace
Infinite lives. Patch provided by Jesse Blue. Thanks! (Untested; I don't have that game.)

SpaceFox GS (2 variants supported)
Infinite lives, shot speed & # of shots are set to 9.
Note: it's best to select GameHacker _before_ the game starts; that way most of these changes will happen at the start, not after you die once. Infinite fuel, and shields are infinite, just turn them on once per level. Still no weapon select, but with these mega-shields, you won't be dying very quickly.

Spy Hunter GS v1 & 2
Infinite lives, ammo, oil, and more.

Star Trek Classic IIGS
Infinite Energy, weapons, time, and all the like.

Disables password; type anything for the password.

The Tinies GS
Infinite time during levels, infinite lives, and restarts. Note: If you have GSBug installed, Tinies 1.0 can't get to the control panel; it will crash! Bug the authors to release 1.1!

Thexder (2 versions)
Infinite Shield points in version 2.7 (supports joystick), never die (shield indicator will be mucked, though) on an older version. Thanks for Peter Mularski for the Thexder patch.

Tunnels of Armageddon
Clock disabled, so you don't have to worry.
Also, your ship is invulnerable to damage, and once you get items, they never disappear.

Xenocide: (2 variants supported)
Infinite ammo, lives, energy/oxygen, and shields. Autoblaster is always on as well.