Reader Rabbit

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RAM Requirement: 256k RAM

Control: Keyboard or Joystick

Release Status: Abandonware

Year: 1987

For Ages: 5 - 7

Publisher: The Learning Company

Developers: Pete Rowe and Aaron Weiss

System 6 Compatible: No

Hard Drive Installable: No

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Screen Shot

Reader Rabbit was designed to help kids with word and letter recognition. There are four different modules to the program: Sorter, Labeler, Word Train and Matchup. These games were all available on the 8-bit Apple II version, but the IIGS version also included speech for every word presented.

Although a IIGS specific program, the graphics utilise the double hi-res mode, which an Apple IIe or IIc was capable of, but they are well drawn, colourful and easily recognisable by kids.

Version 2.0 (the original version) of the program cannot be run from System 6 nor can it be installed to a hard drive. Version 2.3 CAN be run from System 6 and in theory installed to a hard drive (although I haven't had any luck with the install program to do that). Emulation struggles to get the program running at all as well! Interestingly the newer version should also run on the IIe and IIc/c+, albeit without the digitised speech.