Senseless Violence 1 & 2

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RAM Requirement: 768k RAM

Control: Keyboard and Joystick

Release Status: Shareware

Year: 1989

Publisher: Pangea Software

Developers: Brian Greenstone & Dave Triplett

System 6 Compatible: Yes

Hard Drive Installable: Yes

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Senseless Violence 1 is an excellent variation on Frogger. Rather than crossing the hazards of a river and motor way as a frog, you're now a baby. This is done for comical value and through Dave Triplett's graphics and animation achieves this superbly, although it may offend some players. The game is played from the keypad.

Awww. How cute. Splat!

Senseless Violence 2 is a much different game on the other hand. Rather than playing for laughs, the game plays for serious things in life like avoiding drug abuse, smoking and racism. Perhaps a little preachy, but at least Brian Greenstone was trying to push the concepts behind Pangea's games.

The game itself puts you in a wormhole in space, which you travel through at high speed, needing to shoot all the evils in life and grab a high score. Weird. The game can only be played with a joystick.

Very metaphorical.

The most noteworthy addition to this Pangea title was the music of Gene Koh, who really did put Brian's music engine to even better use.

It's interesting to note that as the program quits the 'computer on drugs' has given Brian Greenstone a lot more success than the computer he was developing on at the time!