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Although the archive is mostly complete in regards to disk images of Apple IIGS software, there are still a few programs that have eluded collection. These are mostly educational titles and are listed below:

Talking Academic Quiz Kid, Computer Video Reader: World of Nature - Reading About Sharks, Bird Watcher, Phonics Fun, Fraction ActionDecimal DungeonPercentage PanicGhostly Grammar.

Special Needs software by Laureate Learning: Creature Chorus, First Categories, First Verbs, First Words, First Words II, Let's Go To The Circus, Simple Sentence Structure, Creature Magic.

There are also educational hyper/multi-media titles still required too, although they also require a laser disc. Although no form of emulation for the Apple IIGS supports laser disc and the Apple Video Overlay Card (and probably never will), a video capture of the content of the laser discs would be ideal to preserve their content alongside disk images of the actual GS/OS software: GTV: A Geographic Perspective on American History, Science Vision: Astrovision, Science Vision: BioExplorer, Science Vision: Chemical Pursuits, Science Vision: EcoVision, Science Vision: ErgoMotion and Science Vision: TerraVision.

Also, the archive is also keen to include 8-bit educational software available on 3.5" disk, including the following titles: Stickybear Numbers, the Explore-a-Story, Explore-a-Classic and Explore-a-Science series. This list is by no means complete, so if you have titles of 8-bit edu-ware on 3.5" disk, check with the current list of those titles to see if you can contribute (be on the lookout for Davidson, The Learning Company, Learning Ways Inc., Hartley, Sunburst and Weekly Reader/Optimium Resource titles).

There are also some apps for which later versions were released but are not currently included in the archive: The Manager v1.1 (or higher), Transprog III v1.2 (or higher) and Kangaroo v1.4 and higher (all English versions wanted, newer French versions are already held in the archive).

Last but not least, there is currently ONE known 8-bit game on 3.5" disk that could fill a gap in the archive - Centauri Alliance. But write in if you think you've found another!



There are several ways to create 2image archives.

The easiest way is to use the Bernie ][ the Rescue emulator on a PowerMac with a built in floppy drive. Run System 6.0.1 within Bernie, create a new 2image disk image from Bernie’s ‘File’ menu, insert the original disk, and use the emulated Finder to do a disk to disk copy from the physical media to the virtual disk image.

You can also create DiskCopy disk images with 68000 and PowerPC series based Macintosh computers. Simply run DiskCopy 4.2 or 6.0 (version 6.0 came with MacOS 8 and higher), insert the original disk and the program will automatically create a DiskCopy disk image of that floppy disk. DiskCopy 4.2 images can be used with Bernie ][ the Rescue, where they can be converted into 2image disk images.

You can also create 2image archives from original floppy disks on an Apple IIGS, using the either the programs ImageMaker v2.2 ($5 shareware) or Asimov v2.0 (freeware). Using either program, you can insert a floppy disk into your IIGS and it will save it to another disk drive (preferably a hard drive) as a 2image archive. From there, it may be a little tricky getting the newly created 2images from the IIGS to a Mac or PC but solutions to that issue are included in the FAQ.

If you're intending to submit more than one 2image, archive them together as a .zip file and upload that single file. Please be patient after pressing the submit button; it may take 2 or 3 minutes to upload 5 megabytes of data. Upon successful completion of the upload, the site will give you a 'Thank You' message for confirmation. 

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