20/12/2009: Christmas Presents!

This year, thanks chiefly to the efforts of Arnaud Brossard, we have some Christmas cheer to spread around the Apple II community. Never wanted to dip your toes into the waters of some of the IIGS' more involved games? Well fear no longer, as we've got a hell of a lot of complete documentation for games and even a few applications as well:

We've got docs for 4th & Inches, Aaargh!, Alien Mind, Arkanoid II, Art & Film Director, Balance of Power, Battle Chess, Bubble Ghost, California Games, Copy II Plus v9, Dark Castle, Defender of the Crown, Déjà vu, Déjà vu II, Deluxe Paint II, Designasaurus, Destroyer, Dream Zone, Final Assault, Gold Rush, Great Western Shootout, Hacker II, Halls of Montezuma, Hyperstudio, Jigsaw, Keef the Thief, King's Quest, King's Quest IV, Manhunter: New York, Marble Madness, Mixed up Mother Goose, Monte Carlo, Neuromancer, Paperboy, Pirates, Questron II, Revolution 76, Rocket Ranger, Shadowgate, Shanghai II, Silent Service, Silpheed, Space Ace, Space Quest, Sub Battle Simulator, Task Force, Test Drive II, The Bard's Tale (with official hint book!), the Bard's Tale II (also with official hint book!), the Hunt for Red October, The Immortal, The Last Ninja, The Secret of Bahras, The Three Stooges, Thexder, Tomahawk, Tower of Myraglen, Volcanoes, Warlock, Winter Games, World Games and Zany Golf.

Dan Chisarick has also pitched in with a complete scan to the manual for Omega; now you should be able to program the A.I. of your killer tank. I've also scanned the docs to Fast Break, which should help you to master this complex basketball game.

Arnaud must have spent many, MANY hours scanning in each of the manuals. To compliment his hard work, I've retouched, optimised and OCR'ed every one of them thanks to Acrobat 9 Pro's terrific handling of converting documents to searchable text. That's right folks, each of these PDFs is completely searchable - find that small bite of information super quick.

I hope everyone has a very merry Christmas and that you can put all personal differences aside and cherish the times you can spend with your family.