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RAM Requirement: 1 meg RAM

Control: Joystick and Mouse

Release Status: Shareware

Year: 1991

Publisher: Once Product

Developers: Leclercq Philippe

System 6 Compatible: Yes

Hard Drive Installable: Yes

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Screen Shot

I can only guess that Leclercq Philippe, aka Teaser, had the intention of developing this game for Taito America for it to be released commercially. Of course, Taito America went bust in 1991.

So Teaser finished the game a couple of years later and dubiously labelled it shareware (did he get the rights to release it as shareware for the IIGS from Taito?).

Still, none of us should be complaining. Teaser's coding skills are evident here and the IIGS version stands up very well to the arcade version. The graphics look like they come from the Atari ST version.

The game itself is a quick reflex puzzle game. You throw patterned blocks at the pile from your friendly blob character in the hope of matching blocks of the same pattern. You can throw blocks off the sides of walls and other objects, although on later levels, they become obstacles and limit your path to matching blocks.

The game includes a two player option and a construction editor.

The music was 'borrowed' from Sensei and it seems to let the style of the game down. I've had a quick look to see if the SoundSmith music can be replaced, but it doesn't seem to use the standard method of storing SoundSmith music and instruments. If anyone is able to replace the music with something more unique, or better yet, music from the arcade game, please get in touch and I'll update this archive.

The archive doesn't include an operating system, so you'll need to launch the game from a boot disk.